Service since 2000

Sant La History


Sant La  was founded on December 6, 2000 by a group of community leaders and service providers concerned by the chronic gaps in services available to the Haitian community of South Florida.  The primary focus was to address the community’s lack of understanding and  awareness of available resources.  Sant La launched its operations on June 15, 2001.  

Since 2001, Sant La, the Haitian Neighborhood Center has become a lifeline for the Haitian/Haitian-American community. Sant La has accomplished this through community outreach, organizational partnerships, collaboration, documentation of needs, capacity building,  civic engagement and impactful services.  Sant La has also created a television program “Teleskopi” as an outreach tool to inform and engage the Haitian-American community, thus enhancing Sant La’s ability to link people to resources. 

Under the leadership of a diverse Board of Directors, Sant La continues to remain focused on establishing best-practices in  organizational culture,  fund development, stakeholder relations, marketing and customer service;  world-class governance;  innovative practices, operating systems and programs.   

When the citizens of Miami-Dade county think about services to the Haitian community, they think about Sant La!