Our programs

Sant La is a resource in the following areas

Sant La is a resource in the following areas


Capacity Building

Sant La assists other community-based organizations by providing non-profit leaders and staff with effective training in core management skills -- as well as training in in survival Creole and cultural competence/sensitivity.

Citizenship Assistance

Haitians who qualify to apply for their US citizenship can receive assistance in preparing both their naturalization application as well as preparing for their citizenship interview.  The curriculum and techniques used prepare students for the one-on-one interview process while proving a better understanding of the American government and culture and on becoming engaged US citizens.

Civic Engagement

Sant La provides civic skills training sessions explaining the structure of American government and hosts forums designed to promote community involvement.  We encourage community members to articulate their needs and participate in decisions that affect their daily lives.


Dr. Jean-Price Mars College Scholarships

Sant La has created the Dr. Jean-Price Mars scholarship fund to assist college ready individuals who have achieved academically and need financial assistance to attend college.   This scholarship program, created as a result of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, targets students who are survivors of the earthquake and are currently enrolled in Miami-Dade County schools. For a complete application, instructions and list of eligibility qualifications please click here.

Community Outreach and Education

Sant La works diligently to inform and educate Haitian residents about important initiatives and topical issues. Due to the Haitian cultural tradition of radio and television, Sant La utilizes both tools to reach the Haitian public.  Sant La's Creole-language educational television talk-show, Teleskopi, has become a primary means of reaching the community. For more information on Teleskopi, please visit the Teleskopi page.

Community Partnerships

In order to better assist the members of the Haitian community, Sant La developed a Provider Network, a Community-Based Organization (CBO) Roundtable and a Neighborhood Advisory Group (NAG).  These groups were strategically created to help address the specific needs of the Haitian community.

Cultural Competency

As a part of our on-going advocacy and community education efforts, Sant La provides cultural competency workshops and seminars upon request.  The goal is to better prepare entities, both private and governmental, to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of their clients, customers and/or workforce. Our cultural competency work is tailored to the needs of individual groups.  Topics have included: Crash Creole for Medical Providers,  Survival Creole for Social Service Practitioners, Understanding Haitian Community Financial Practices and the History of Haitian Migration to the US.

Documentation of Needs

Sant La has produced numerous publications, including a series entitled the “Working Papers Series". Those publications include: "Health Care Needs and Issues in Little Haiti" and "The South Florida Haitian Community Resource Directory".  Additionally, Sant La was acknowledged as the driving force behind the Brookings Institute publication, "The Haitian Community in Miami-Dade: A Growing the Middle Class Supplement".  Our publications have greatly contributed to the body of data about the Haitian community in South Florida.

Educational Advocacy

Sant La’s staff actively advocates for educational improvement and community involvement in neighborhood schools.  In addition to a situational awareness and informational outreach campaign, staff members are serving on the advisory committees (EESACs) of several schools in the Little Haiti and Northeast Dade area.

Employment Services

A program offering employability skills and supportive services to train and place those looking for work. Clients receive instructions on the employment the application process, appearance, interview preparedness, resume writing and a comprehensive plan for achieving career goals.

Financial Literacy

Sant La provides a series of workshops entitled “From Saving to Asset Building” designed to enhance financial literacy skills.  Topics include: Budget Management, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Loans, and an understanding of various financial products.

Financial Security

Our comprehensive financial security services include: Free tax preparation for low to moderate income tax payers; Low-Income Tax-payer Clinic services to provide assistance resolving issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS); and financial literacy coaching and education.

Haitian-American Archives/Resource Library

Our Archives collection continues to grow as we document the growth and evolving nature of the Haitian community in South Florida through a variety of media. Sharing space with the Archives is a non-profit resource library that contains a wide variety of publications, tools, and information for use by neighborhood organizations and agencies. The public is invited to use our archives in-house.

Health Care Access

Sant La promotes access to health care services through a number of programs.  These programs include Community Health Workers, who do outreach and connect clients to necessary health services in the Haitian community.  Sant La also provides client assistance in preparing Medicaid and Kidcare applications in our office and at Health fairs.

Information and Referral

Sant La offers information and referral services to the Haitians and Haitian-Americans throughout South Florida. Clients receive guidance from our social service access specialists as well as counseling on improving their current situation.

Low Income Tax Clinic

The Sant La LITC provides information to low income tax payers and offers free assistance to eligible taxpayers who have unresolved issues with the IRS.

Refugee and Asylee Services

Sant La's refugee and asylee services provide comprehensive information and referral, adaptation, integration and socialization services to Haitian refugees, asylees and new entrants who reside in South Florida providing a wrap-around system of care.  Due to a lack of awareness, this community often does not access the supportive services for which it is eligible, hampering their full integration.

Strengthening Families Program

A parenting program targeting youth ages 10 to 14 that is designed to promote effective parenting skills and positive youth development. Parent and child engage in activities that teach as well as entertain. They develop and practice necessary skills for a well-balanced and nurturing family environment.

Tax Preparation

Sant La provides free tax return assistance to eligible community members through our Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program, VITA.

Youth and Family Advocacy

Guidance and support to parents/caregivers dealing with institutions that care for youth. Additional support to youth and families include access to specialized services, as well as academic and enrichment services.